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Probe/Gene identifiers

  • This browser uses the SNP ID (rs123456), Illumina probe (e.g. ILMN_xxxxxxx) or HGNC Gene ID (e.g. GAPDH).
  • Other types of IDs can be converted by using the lower sidebar panel.
  • A table is displayed below so you can get the correct format ID.

Searching by range

  • Genomic range information in the format chr1:1,234,567-123,456,789 can be copied & pasted from the UCSC browser.
  • The search can handle the colon and the commas between numbers.

Manhattan plot

  • Use the mouse cursor to hover over the point of interest.
  • The information for that point is displayed below the plot.
  • There is a little bit of lag when displaying the text. The speed can be increased by changing the P value threshold to a higher value.


The data displayed through this website is a result of the Tissue specific regulation of transcription in endometrium and association with disease paper, by Mortlock et al 2019, published in Human Reproduction.

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